5 Factors that Bank will Consider when Reviewing a Short Sale

In this video, I’ll  go over the 5 factors that the bank will consider when reviewing a short sale.  These are as follows: How much liquid cash you have in your bank account. How much do you earn compared to your expenses (Income-to-debt ratio) How much do you earn as income. If you are current … Continued

Dealing with Postponement of Sheriff Sale in NJ

Dealing with Postponement of Sheriff Sale in NJ

In this video, we go over a situation where we were able to postpone a sheriff sale but at the end were not able to save the home from foreclosure. Call Now for a No Obligation Consultation 201-297-6965 If you are saying to yourself “I need to sell my home or house fast in New … Continued

Foreclosure and Short Sales Market Update

Foreclosure Report and Market Update for New Jersey

Every year, I compile this report to give a snapshot of what’s going on in the market to help Investor, Agents and Attorneys. It gives you the number of Lis Pendens filed for each county (Central to North Jersey). To get the Foreclosure Report, click here http://www.foreclosurereport.info If you need to sell a property in … Continued

Short Sale Process Overview in New Jersey

Short Sale Process Overview in New Jersey

In order for the bank to review a short sale, most banks will require that the property be listed on the MLS (real estate agent) Submit Short Sale Application to Bank(s) Bank will qualify the homeowner, property and transaction – FHA Mortgage Consideration – First must be reviewed for Loan Modification before Short Sale Considerations … Continued

Why are there so many foreclosures in New Jersey?

In this video, I explain why there are so many foreclosures in New Jersey. Back in 2015 there was an article that New Jersey is the number one foreclosure state in the United States. And it’s because of the backlog of all the foreclosures and banks are starting to foreclose on them. And so I … Continued

What is a Deficiency in a Short Sale?

While a home is pending foreclosure, the bank may agree to cut its losses. It allows the seller to make a short sale and accepts less money than the seller owes on his loan. Learn more about: How to Deal with a Short Sale Deficiency? One of the questions that I get asked by homeowners is, … Continued

Choosing Between Bankruptcy or Short Sale

As a homeowner, which option is best for you? Bankruptcy or Short Sale? Should you file bankruptcy or short sale? In this episode, I’m gonna go over the myth that people have regarding bankruptcy and short sale. Stay tuned. So here is the myth. Once you file bankruptcy most people think that the property of … Continued

Can I Get Relocation Incentive in a Short Sale in NJ & NY?

If you are a homeowner looking to do a short sale in New Jersey or New York, you may be asking yourself, “can I get relocation incentive or assistance in a short sale?” As a homeowner, can I give you location incentive? That’s a question that I get a lot from homeowners and I’m going … Continued

How to Speed Up Short Sale Process in NJ and NY?

If you are a real estate agent or attorney in New Jersey and New York, here are three ways to speed up the short sale process. One of the questions that I get asked often is, “why do short sales take so long?” I will show you three ways, as an agent, that you can … Continued